About Us

We are digital nomads

Travel to many places, you wont regret adventure

Our mission is to travel the world, explore beautiful places and live life to the fullest.


In 2018 we had absolutely no travel experience, and we didn’t even think about traveling. Yet now, 4 years later, we can’t imagine living in one place, one country for too long anymore. There are just so many places where we want to go, so many countries where we want to live for some longer time and so many experiences, that we want to have. Travel has changed us and our lives forever.

And we are happy that back then we made that step into unknown, and went on our first long term trip.

Meet our team

We are a team of digital nomads who enjoy travelling, visiting new places and thrilling adventurous experiences.

Joan Alexandra

I am a software developer who works on the go, i enjoy building websites and solving people problems using technology.

Alex Hong

I am UI/UX Designer and a fronted developer. I enjoy designing for websites and mobile apps and bringing the designs to life.

Laura Kyle

I am a nature photographer. I live to photograph adventurous breathtaking scenes. The world is a beautiful piece of art to behold always.